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Somewhere In New Mexico

         Before The End Of Time​

I apologize for the inefficient delivery system that I have consciously chosen to use marketing and delivering the film "Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End Of Time". I guess that makes me a Luddite. But the fact is all of these labor saving devices have been very bad for us...remember when you used to wait for the album to come out and you would play it until the record wore out. That's my goal. I hope (there is that word again) people don't look at this as another piece of entertainment to be gobbled up as we move restlessly forward in our collective death march. I'd like people to have an organic experience of the film and work to share what that might mean for them with neighbors and loved ones.

But I am printing the DVD's in an easily deliverable Cardboard (packaging has no plastic and very little weight) with the superlative art of Miguel Blanco. If you want it in Blu-ray for theatrical use say in Libraries or theaters, I can accomplish that but you need to say it on the order. BTW the Blu Ray is remarkably better than the typical DVD. Blu-ray is one of the few technological innovations that really made a difference. There's some beautiful photography in the film that gets lost on the small screen. In an effort to get as many public viewing as possible, if you can arrange for a public viewing we will get the Blu Ray to you our cost. Also Guy McPherson has agreed to skype in with any group that would like to talk about this film after the show. What it comes down to is learning how to be good neighbors again. Invite some people you hardly know or get your church to allow you to show it.

A lot of people aren't ready at the present to hear this message. But I'm not particularly concerned about those people. The world has too many folks already and those self-selecting morons who don't have a clue of what's coming need to go away. Sorry I guess that would make me misanthropic as well. That would be a fair characterization; but this film isn't about me. It's about ya'll.

Michael Sosebee


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